002. Work.


Currently, I’m at work. Nothing terribly notable, just the title of the post. I get paid a bit above minimum wage, work roughly 10 hours a week (more or less dependent on other people working and if there’s a concert) and have full use of the computer internet. All in all, quite awesome for a highschooler.

The problem, really, is boredom. I open AIM just for kicks, and there’s always someone on. Doesn’t mean I talk to them, but having the option helps. There’s little for me to do. When I have actual tasks, I don’t think about the internet, but on these slow nights?

…and, at random, a guy from my chorus just stopped in and said hi, after dropping a sib off at the private party going on upstairs. Weird- didn’t think he knew my name. Since I skipped school today, he filled me in on what happened. Chorus is love, altos are über love.

Just helped the DJ carry his shtuff in. I felt quite strong, heavy things + stairs – windedness. But parties are frustrating, especially when NONE of the people involved, management or client, seem to communicate with one another. Buh. I best go clean up more of their messes.


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