008. Art Room.


I understand why the art-seniors chilled here during their freetime, now. Computers for the win. The library is closed, and my study-hall needs music. Pandora and the art room to the rescue!

Having to use a proxy to get anywhere is rather annoying, randomly.

Rhonda’s writing workshop is tonight, at seven. It’ll be amazing, possibly life-altering, and certain to summon muses. Wee!

Danny sucks ass, in other news. He just compared stretching his arms to giving birth. Way to be, Danny… aaaand he’s mocking my spelling over my shoulder. And telling me about the “wild night” he had with my mom. *rolls eyes*. He’s an ED whore, though, so much of what he says is ignored.

Oh! Winnar of the daily ignorance award goes to Andy, from my history class. We’re talking about Fredrick Douglas and such. He seemed shocked.

“Yeah, but slaves don’t speak English, right? They speak black language!”

He also blames the gypsies for taking his homework. Daily. It’s amusing as hell, but kinda sad at the same time. Our school has some real idiots in it. I can probably find equally amazing examples, but the best example of education at West is as follows.

*asking the question “Who is Christopher Columbus” *

First Dude: Isn’t he the guy on the Titanic?
Second dude: No, you idiot! He’s the one that saved the jews!


2 Responses to “008. Art Room.”

  1. Oy gevalt, babe.

  2. Amen. The idiots are exactly that.

    Oh the brightside, Danny is fun in all his lack-of-political-correctness. Because, bah. That stuff is dull

    *about freerice.org*
    L: What do you get when you win?
    Danny: They send 10 grains of rice to starving people in Africa
    L:…what happens when you lose?
    Danny: They take a bowl of rice away and smack the baby.

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