009. *headdesk*


I could wax poetic about the amazing day I had, especially the walks at the end of it. I could talk about how much I love the techie group.

Or I can wince at the most recent blunder I’ve made.

I was talking to a few people at once on AIM. One conversation? A wonderful friend and I talking about writing, music, a nothing-everything conversation. Another? A very close friend and I discussing and joking about love lives, (or lack thereof) with occasional serious notes. I had started writing something to her in MS word. It grew into a long involved comment, so I copied it, and pasted it.

…into the wrong window.

Murphy’s law say, you fucked! *thunk* It was the EXACT worst person to see that, I think. Because he had to be the other window with lots of back-and-forth dialogue.

Kill me now? PLEASE.


2 Responses to “009. *headdesk*”

  1. 1 bylandl

    I love you, Pippity. It’ll be okay.


  2. XD Thankfully, the one who I accidentally sent it to is pretending they didn’t read it. *huggles back*

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