011. Mint tea.


The only reason I am REMOTELY coherent right now is mint tea, possibly-bad cough medicine, and an active mind.

Last night, I kept wanting to write, to draw, to DO something. Alas, my throat was icky and I couldn’t bother to do anything but scribble a few notes for myself on the whiteboard beside my desk. I’ll attempt to recapture those fluttering little thoughts, but I tend to overreach myself.

Turkey Day Week (starting Wednesday)

The trip to Delaware was, as I had said, amazing. I got to talk to everyone, chill with cousins, eat wonderful food and just replenish myself. Moment from the trip keep circling back to me, making me smile. I adore my family, really. I’m definitely going to the reunion.

Something to mention about my family: we are an Irish Clan. It’s huge. The elders are all from the baby boomer generation, twelve siblings ranging from their sixties to their late forties. Thus, we have a HUGE range in ages. I have cousins that are in their thirties, and cousins that are eight. There’s a few distinct generations, best described by looking at a forest. The old forest, tall and mighty and tempered by storm and years. The strong trees, in their prime but not quite as majestic as the tallest specimens. The saplings (where I am), growing still, and the underbrush, not even discernible as potential trees yet.

My dad is one of the original twelve siblings, making him a tree. Some of my older cousins are the prime-trees, ranging from thirties to twenties, some of which have children. I’m part of the saplings- the teenagers. I’m typically considered the firstborn of this new wave, despite the fact I have a cousin only two years older (She tags along with the prime, especially considering she has a baby). The underbrush consists of my youngest cousins and the children of my older cousins.

Sufficient to say, I have a LARGE family. And this is only my father’s side.

The ones in my ‘generation’ are me, my cousin Jenn, my cousin Mike, and my little sister Mimi. They’re all a year or two younger, but that’s never been an issue. We basically hung with each other exclusively for the trip. We ate together, chilled together, joked together, watched bad TV together, and went shopping on Friday (blarg) together. Jenn is a punk-skater gal who wears more makeup than you and, oh yeah, can kick your ass. Mike is a science/band guy who tends to be more cynical and bitter than I at my worst. Mimi has grown up a HUGE amount, and tends to straddle the line between geek and popular soccer chick. Together, we make a rather random group.

As for the actual turkey day? The guys watched the game on the ground floor. The kids (read: everyone under the age of 18) watched bad TV in the basement. More often than not, my generation bailed on this and went upstairs to hide from marauding chitlins. They’re cute, yes, but we can only take so much.

My cousin recently met a lovely woman online. She’s older than he is, yes, but I really like her. I hope she stays- she fits in quite well with all of us. She’s even as huggy as we are! She and I had some awesome conversations, as well. I hope they stay together.

What else? We held hands, prayed over the food. We sang some random songs and let the November birthdays blow out a cake full of candles. We all sprung to the rescue, as Buddy (my aunt’s dog) knocked over a glass of red wine on her white carpet. I ended up giving an impromptu performance for my Aunt, in memory of my Uncle. My generation crashed in the basement, although Mike and I were the only ones to actually sleep.

In general, we caught up with one another, prayed for those who had passed on, and loved the ones who were left.


Shopping was, actually, not horrible. We hit the mall first, getting all the expensive purchases over with. The girls all went to Spencer, simply to chill. Mimi got hair dye. Jenn got punk apparel. I bought a bunch of kick-ass earrings, mostly the loopy king with balls at the end. I also managed to lose one of my earrings while walking. It was pretty cute- Mike decided to be my shining knight and search the mall floors with me. The others were in the car, waiting, so we really just asked around and held up the other earring. We failed, but it was fun. Also, my cousin was being adorable in his way.

Me: No dice. We should head back.
Mike: Alright. Here. *tries to shove a five into my hand*
Me: *rolls eyes* Thank you, but I’m not taking it. Sweet of you, though.
Mike: No, you see, I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing it for me. I’m selfish like that. If you take this, you’ll be happy, which will make me happy. So, really, it’s not for you, it’s for me.
Me: *laughs* What would make me happy is you putting that back in your pocket.
Mike: As long as you’re happy.

Other amusing parts of the trip were Joe/John, the Salvation Army Bell-Ringer Dude. Mimi and I both passed him a bunch of times, and kept digging around for more change to donate. Mimi, on the last pass, dumped her entire change purse in the thing. Also, in the process, dumping a little dragon charm. She wrote a letter, put it in there, and meanwhile we talked with this guy. It was around high twenties, and to pass the time we chatted with the guy ringing the bell. Of course, the topic started with the weather and ranged from there. It was one of those fun little moment where you befriend a stranger, and leave feeling a lot brighter. All of us gave him a hug before continuing on our merry way.

(We got home around seven on Friday)


Saturday was spent longing a bit, until a friend contacted me and we went to chill out on our local main street. It was a blast; we hung out at the coffee shop, marveled over the fact that we’d managed not to meet up during the break-week, watched the parade for maybe twenty minutes, then bailed to watch Fight Club at someone’s house.

It was strange. I was one of three girls, two of which lived at the house.There were- five guys? Sounds right. We never have more guys than girls, but there it was. It was a fun night. The four of us who came early harassed each other with leaves, then tried to surprise the people coming afterwards by hiding in the dark. That was an example of Epic Fail, but fun nonetheless. The mom of the host threw marshmallows at us, made homemade cookies and hot chocolate. All in all, it was a blast. I ganked a ride off the guy who lives close to me, making it even a win in the car-pool department. And Fight Club owns.


I woke up with every intent to seize the day. The gnomes that periodically dwell in my body decided today was the day to have a party in my head, lungs, throat and ears. Not cool, guys. Not cool. I have to sing in the AIDs thinger soon. So I’m dosing myself with expired medicine and tea. And now, we’re back to the start!

…Mimi is dying her hair in the bathroom. I just ended up putting towels down and cleaning everything that was stained bright pink. Thank god for toothpaste.


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