012. Missing Person Afternoon


So fucking sick. Words escape me. I’m skipping school. And want tea, damnit, but I actually can’t move much. Spinny spinny spinny. Why do my ears have to be fucked up? I’ll be fucking resonable later. Right now, typing actually helps. As long as I keep still, the room doesn’t fucking spin. I wonder how often I’m going to use the word “fuck”? For some reason, it makes me feel better. In a purely mental way. Almost as nice as the music I’m listening to. Comfort music helps too. I don’t feel like going insane. Or crying.

I hate the fucking gnomes. Why don’t they leave me be? Is ODing on tussin (or whatever the expired cold medicine in the bathroom is) a bad idea? Is that even the stuff that can get you high? I really don’t fucking care. I just want this shit to go away. Cold cold, go away! Never come back you fucking virus! Wait. Are colds viral? Hell, is this even a cold? I don’t feel warm. I’m freezing actually. I want my mom. She’s taking Mimi to school. Ten hours. I don’t feel so good.

Fuck, I really want some tea.

EDIT. Wow. I took 3x the recommended dose. Far from getting high, I actually just feel a million times better. Huuuh. Active ingredients are Dextromethorphan and Pseudoephedrine. You have to down the entire bottle to get high, apparently, but it’s the right stuff. Good to know. I’m not gonna do it, but still.

Now that I can move around without falling, imma gonna get me some tea. <3


2 Responses to “012. Missing Person Afternoon”

  1. 1 bylandl

    Don’t do drugs, darling. I love you too much to watch you get hurt.

    That being said, feel better. I adore you.

  2. I promise not to do drugs unless necessary. Although, I think my system is screwed up- I have to overdose myself whenever I’m sick just to be remotely alright. I’m better now, barring the fact I have lost all sense of taste and scent.

    I adore -you-, doll. *e-huggles*

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