019. Move Your Feet.


Notes about new years, will make a proper post laters. Happy ‘o8, y’all.

Everyone got here around four (PM)
Just did guitar hero and random stuff for a while, nothing memorable. Ate foood.
Pulp Fiction until around 8.30
I Am Legend ’til about 11:20
Scattered, played DDR with Cahlan
Mindnight. Watched the ball drop.
Youtube videos, just hung out in the basement telling stories and talking until three or so, then we realized we had to kick the guys out. Which took forever.
Went up to the kitchen around three. Still took around forty-five minutes to get Trev to leave. Nate kept glancing at the clock, mentioning the parent thing- damned funny.
Trevor/Nate left around 3:45 AM
Girls chilling out, doing nothing, all five of us.
Cahlan has to work, goes to bed.
The rest of us are not sleepy and try to figure out something to do, so make coffee.
Randomly went to Denny’s/Walmart around 4 AM
Denny’s was goofy, Walmart was just ridiculous.
Around five, got the shit scared out of us by cops with lights on (there is a curfew, although I don’t think it applied)
We played cranium from 5 to 7 AM (LOTS of stuff going on during this)
We took a walk at seven, got back around nine AM
We watched whatever the hell that show was for about five minutes and crashed, nine, nine thirty AM
Woke up around ten, groaning and getting around.
Everyone is gone now and I’m TIRED. But happy.

Other short notes, while I’m still able to type.
Dressing up until they let for movies
Techno music
Hid in the bathroom and did makeup, tell stories, so on.
Saw I Am Legend. YAY PIRATES
Moby Dick the burrito
Magic Lights at Wally World
Belching contest of the ladies
Jef-fuh-fuh. Dun-ham. .com!
Pony-Clay Cranium
Passing around the bottle of sparkling grape juice
Dead sober but high off Dew and such
Strange noises and phone
Gotta type in the quotes
Photoshoot and writing “happy ‘o8” on the snow of people’s cars
Pretty pretty neighborhood at seven in the morning, dancing in the streets and yelling well wished to the poor hungover people
Wearing pj bottoms through all of this
Creepy points
Totally didn’t sleep until we were on the couch at nine, an hour or so of sleep.


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