022. Spider Bites.


The spirit of things is what I always try to go for.

This thought really came yesterday. As I was about to check my mail, I happened to glance at the Yahoo!News blurb. The one that caught my eye read “Bush says US should have bombed Auschwitz”. Intrigued, visions of our idiot president danced before my eyes. In the moment it took to load the link, I wondered “Good lord, who’d he insult this time?”

I read the article. As I was reading it, all thoughts of gleefully showing it to various people (sort of a mutual telling of the idiot’s saga) vanished. It wasn’t about Bush doing something stupid. It was a shocked look back, a remark about hindsight. Maybe it was genuine. Maybe he was just hamming it up for the press. Either way, the spirit of the remark was “Why the hell didn’t we stop this?” The press knew how to catch my attention, though. Phrase it so Bush sounds like the moron he tends to be.

Keep in mind two things. One, I know nothing about politics, the world economy, or much beyond (or even within) our borders. I retain as much knowledge as I need to win a trivia game or impress my more politically minded cousin. I have no clue if “bombing Auschwitz” (or, more accurately, the train and supply lines) would have done any good. I am shit at being a good student of history, and am motivated only insofar as various speakers can get me. I’m a good little sheep, I guess. The second thing to keep in mind is that, with what little knowledge I have, I loath Bush. I hate what he’s doing (and has done) to the world and our country. Again, this is me being a sheep, but one following the liberal sources. I don’t support Bush.

But. That I instantly honed in on an article that I thought justified my view of the idiot shows how willing we are to go to the cynical side. Not without cause, but it pops up everywhere

I like taking things in the spirit they were meant. As much as I joke, something that’s awkwardly, rudely, or strangely phrased rarely bothers me. I’m an awkward person by nature, and tend to understand the sentiment behind a sentence that sounds ‘off’.

Watching The Vagina Monologues, I fell in love. It spoke for so many thoughts I have never been able to phrase, so many experiences I have had and never could identify with. Yet, as I went to look for reviews it was called a justification of child rape, anti-man, anti-hetro. I blinked. I thought about it. And yes, there were some moments that could be interpreted that way. No amount of crying “that’s not what it meant!” could change the interpretations.

I still love the play dearly. I still will be recommending it to anyone who can look beyond the words and into the meaning. I won’t be enthusiastically encouraging (read as: dragging along) some of my friends, though. They can come, sure, but I know they’ll be immature. They’ll be laughing in the embarrassed, “OMGTABOO” way about the situations, the words, rather than being touched by the meaning.

I read Violent Acres as often as it updates. And again, I run into people taking the words at some random level, instead of how they were meant. So, she says fuck, used racist terms, laughs out load about things quietly giggled about, bashes everyone that she wants to and is, by all definitions, a bitch. Good. We need more bitches to speak eloquently, humorously, and intimately enough to get their views across. I find myself laughing, thinking, and sometimes shocked into a silence that is part tribute for those that weren’t saved. She’s such a real person that I wonder about meeting her. She isn’t perfect, isn’t approved by some moral committed and makes a lot more sense in her posts than much I’ve been exposed to. I have a blog for the sake of myself. She has a blog for the sake of a voice and a vehicle to get herself heard. Not to mention getting paid for writing her own damned views. Again, though people look at the letters rather than the spirit.

I like the internet. I love the culture of “nothing sacred” that has popped up, with anything and everything sacred becoming cannon fodder. I prefer a mocking, no-holds-barred culture far more than one with censorship and inflamed pride, pomp and ceremony. I’m a liberal asshole. The putting down of everything amuses me.

I love all this- and I also love bursting out into song. I love going outside in dark weather and just watching. I love being strange and spontaneous and having fun. When the culture of mocking goes so far that you yourself don’t do anything stupid in fear of being mocked, it’s over. The beauty in the internet culture is that EVERYONE is mockable. If you attempt to avoid this, you’re missing the point.

And there’s always a line, even in mockery. Honestly? I’m sick of being the only one who has no problems with whatever they’re making fun of that day. I’ll mock as well- and then I’ll go do it. In truth, much of the time, I have no problems with what I mock. I mock myself. It’s all done fondly.

Wow. These turned into an essay, rather than a post.

So, yeah. Summed up, I like people to stop being idiots and looking at the meaning rather than the funny phrasing. Which has happened several times in this rant. And I’d ask you to ignore my hypocritical contradictions, but in the spirit of the post you should feel free to mock them. I promise I’ll laugh as well.


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