023. Run On.


It’s never more obvious that life has a way of moving on as it is when looking at grieving family. My cousins and uncle visited today. The kids were pretty well-behaved, as they usually aren’t (the elder bullies for attention and the younger cries. Both of which are annoying, but it was toned down by a sheer magnitude.)

My uncle and I talked computer and cameras. The younger found all our old Harry Potter toys, and proceeded to mess around with them (really cute). When she tried to watch a movie, though, her brother forced her off the upstairs TV. She cried. He yelled. Their dad got involved. I stepped in when it wouldn’t be awkward and set her up with a Sailor Moon DVD downstairs.

I didn’t go to dinner with all of them, blaming homework. My parents arrived home late-ish, and my dad and I caught up. But of course, nothing ever stays fairly peaceful. I heard sobbing coming from the bathroom.

Something to know about my mother, sister, and I: unless requested, we don’t respect each other’s privacy. We girls walk in on each other in the bathroom, rooms, anywhere, all the time. Someone’s using the bathroom? We’ll walk in, grab the hairbrush, and talk animatedly as the other does their business. My sister’s door is locked and she’s pouting? I pick the damned thing and make her talk. Pretty much the only one who gets privacy in their own room is me, due to hermit tendencies.
I barged in, found my mother crying with all the desperation of a child, rocking back and forth as she sobbed. I did what I do best: held her until she calmed down. Told her I loved her. Made her laugh at an old joke. Talked to her about it. The three of us then watched Numbers together on the couch, a common bonding point.

And it struck me then. My mom has, aside from a day or two she broke down, been working seven days a week since the funeral. Good. God. My father does nearly the same thing, except he took his vacation fairly serious and cut off most work. Yet. I admire my parents so much. How they have such a damned lazy daughter is beyond thought.

Tonight I’ll try and do them justice and finish my overdue stuff. As soon as I can figure out what it is. *groan*


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