026. Felt Tip Pen.


Incense is amazing.

I remember when I used to be afraid, deathly afraid, of holding fire. I love playing with fire- on a stick. Or already-lit candles. I would use a BBQ lighter for the jar candles I had.

Sometime, though, I started playing with matches. Now, I burn myself weekly, and can’t bother to care about it. I light things up just so I can hold them as they burn. Incense has taken the place of my once-beloved jar candles. And I have something to the tune of thirty matchbooks ganked from various places.

The thing I really love about burning incense that certain people (other than me) love the scent. Which has lead to some amusing incidents. Saying goodbye, in a pretty big party, one person commented “I love hugs!” We then hugged, parted, hugged again. There was this insanely funny dialog about scents that was born of this mostly because she started commenting to other people that I smelled nice. I then had some near-strangers sniffing me, my hair, and it spread until everyone was smelling each other. XD Wacky, but really fun.


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