027. Southern California Wants to be Western New York.


At tis rate, we’re never going to have school. We have an ice day, today. Not without cause – my dad and I didn’t know school was canceled, so I ended up being dropped off/picked up. THE ICE IS HELLISH. The grass was nigh impossible to walk on, let alone my driveway. My dad’s SUV, in four-wheel drive, nearly skidded into the garage. Seriously freaky. A walk of two feet took five minutes, for fear of a hard meeting between my head and the asphalt. The damned driveway is pure, slick ice, smooth and around a quarter of an inch thick. Perfect for skating, not so much for walking with a thirty pound backpack. The temperature is hanging around 31 inches, and the rain (yes, rain) is coating everything.

And ahaha, my title. Dar Williams, and NOT TRUE right now. She still is awesome, though.

EDIT: I just spent half an hour skating on my driveway, with my puppy attempting to follow me (epic AWW fail.) It was akin to going to the skating rink in bowling shoes. I ended up on my ass a fair amount. The ground is really, really hard. And the ice is up to 1/2 inch thick in places, yet still rink-smooth. I wish I could invite people to join me, bu the roads are almost as bad.


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