030. See the World.


Okay. Nevermind. It feels different because I don’t get PRESENTS every day.

And my presents are amazing. The best are:

~ Huuge sloth plushie. Yes, sloth. With claws and a rotating head and soft fur and half lidden eyes and a sweet face and velcro on his paws. Dahvi is the size of a small child and is made of win.
~ Two skeins of Chunky Green Baby Alpaca Yarn. (I received this early, but I still think it owns)
~ A few books by Lois McMaster Bujold.
~ BOSE HEADPHONES. THE NEW FANCY ZOMAHGOD ONES. Which I’m listening with right now. (The sound is incredibly beautiful, crisp and detailed and orgasmic)

Also, I’ve had three different gatherings. Not parties, just hang-outs: My anime-geek friends slept over (we watched horror movies and goofed around), soulful/movie with the techies (The Squid and the Whale is fairly high up there on the ‘awkward movies to watch with people’ list) and dinner with my parents and an awesome couple I call Aunt and Uncle (food was great, and Aunt Penny made a wicked cake).

In short, I had an amazing birthday. Also, everyone emailed and called and facebook’d me a good birthday. MADE MY LIFE. I really don’t expect people to, and try and make a point of not bringing up the fact it’s my birthday. Unless I’m milking it for something. Such as hugs.

Tomorrow will not be as fun- I have overdue work. Read that as “my theory project”. And I’m going to quit voice, which will piss off my music teacher even more. But today? Today has been amazing. Thank you, everyone. For being lovely and loving and making my life worth living with your incredible presence.

EDIT: Holy. Shit. And a bunch moar calls and then a friend comes over, WITH A CAKE. A homemade motherfucking cake that tastes like win. I don’t deserve this level of friendship at all.


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