31. Stronger.


The good thing about being the one overseeing the middle school dance: The beats pound through you, making every step you take seem all that more part of something. That, and they just played Kanye’s Daft Punk Mashup Thing. YUS. I’m being paid and I’m actually doing shit, helping out and directing and answering questions and making sure no one tries to climb the walls.

The bad thing is that I’m missing the poetry slam, and little kids are whiny. And every freakin’ little kid has a cell phone, that they use to call people in the next room and giggle. Urrk.

But yeah. Not the worst way to spend a night, not when it’s in the lower building. I feel the music here, unlike the upper building, and I’m invited to partake in the food. I won’t, but the invite is nice.

Oh. And I am, in effect, wearing a monocle at the moment. One of my lenses popped out and I couldn’t find it in time to actually put the damned thing back in. The effect is really dizzying, whenever I try and turn may head.

I’ll be editing things in all night.

-Soulja Boy will be directly responsible for me jamming a pencil deep in my retina.

-The teacher drawing aside the girls and giving them a talk about the seventh and eighth grade boys that “want to dance” but are “too chicken to ask” It’s amusing and sweet and the girls are so little, so hopeful. Children growing. Children laughing. Some ‘children’ looking older than me, holy crap.

-Hahaha, chacha slide. And shy boys refusing to dance. What IS the Charlie Brown, any ways? Every time that one comes up, we all pause and look at each other bemused. WAIT. Nevermind, I just watched them and they ALL KNEW IT. Weeird.

-Wow. That poor kid is going to be mocked mercilessly. Pink collared shirt, black undershirt, and terminally chubby. And his movements… oh. Here’s hoping life is good to him.

-Speaking of outfits, most of the kids are dressed neat-casual, with a few in clothing I pause at. She can’t be any older then eleven, and her shirt dips lower than some of the dresses at semi. Very skinny, but little to fill it out. Half the kids look dressed about right. Half the kids look like they think themselves years and years older. All have cell phones and cameras and are wearing nice stuff. Rich kids at play.

– The sixth grader with the hearts in her hair on a red ribbon, heart socks (that are a pair, but different colors), hearts on her locket, red pink silver beads, red velvet dress and construction paper hearts on popsicle sticks is freakin’ adorable. She keeps needing repair on the things, and asks politely for tape.

-No one is openly mocking anyone, by the way. I’m just thinking about when they hit public school, as opposed to their parent-led, small-classes, well-funded private school.

-Valentine’s counterpart is in a green dress, little jacket and green beads. Both holidays are representin’.

-Why are there so many redheads?

-The music is getting aggravating; haven’t played a decent song in a while. And the little whosits know all the words to the annoying ones, but don’t chant along with the chacha slide.

-Headache from little girl’s high voices. And their cell phones, did I mention those? The expensive kinds, the iPhones… all in chic little purses I am required to watch.

-Parents everywhere.The adults are well-represented, and are encouraging their kids to party. It’s cute- apparently they don’t let loose enough. Ahaha, going to the big private school, wonder why?

-The volume of these brats defies belief. And the dj is playing effing Spears.

-They occasionally break into cliques. Which is almost more annoying, because they change the traffic flow by blocking doors.

– The pale little sixth grade boy in a collared plaid-checked button-up shirt, neatly tucked into khakis with the belt buckled too high, new sneakers, a cool watch, thick glasses, and a longish student haircut in light brunette; he keeps trying to steal my newspaper and slip away. You almost melt from clichéd awww.

-My friend’s little sister keeps checking on me, talking about anything. A welcome break.

-The parents are fun to talk to, on another note. I looks similar enough to my sister that I get confused looks- she went to this school, and there’s the kids and parents that remember her.

-Yet again, the video cameras have become a toy for little boy’s antics. Thank god there’s nothing breakable in the galleries this time, only photographs on the wall.

-AWW. A parents asked me if I wanted anything at the gas station. She insisted, so I get tea!

-WOW. Canon 5D camera. It is BEAUTIFUL. And the flash is taller than my head. Actually, it looks like a cannon more so than anything else- the monster in huge.

-Why Welcome to the Jungle? There’s better Guns ‘n Roses songs, I’m sure.

-I’m not sure which is worse, Britney or Teardrops on my Guitar. Each one is making me die a little on the inside.

-This running commentary is keeping me sane, honestly.

-OMAHGD. 23.5 fl oz. of Arizona Green Tea. I am in eternal dept.

-These kids know how to Charlie Brown, but not the Cotton Eyed Joe? Seriously. Private school kids can be bizarre.

– I didn’t know they could censor ‘I Like Big Butts’ and have it still be recognizable.

– And they don’t censor “Teenager’s Scare the Living Shit Outta Me”

– Sir Nerd just asked me for a pen and paper. Very politely. With a small speech impediment. There is not a single part of the stereotype he’s defied yet.

-I’m growing fond of Fergie for some reason unknown to me.

-Crazy Frog summons children. Period. I didn’t even know there were that many kids. It’s some ancient ritual- say your right words, end up with a horde of squealing chitlings.

-Some of the littler kids are playing a huge game of Tag.

+ Not about the dance, but there’s an awesome game that’s spreading around school like Inconveniences at camp: Blowdart. Cover your neck, or else someone will blow dart you and you’ll be forced to fall down dramatically and wait for someone to pluck the thing from your neck. It’s kind of amazing.

-Ahaha, Panic at the Disco. And it’s reverberating through my chest. And the kids shout the ‘swear words’, giggle, and look guilty. So cute.

-I forgot socks and need to keep my shoes off. Bleck. The kids are supposed to kep theirs on too, saftey and all that, but seriously.

-TIMEWARP. There’s a circle of girls that knows it- everyone else took a food break.

-Queen is Eternal. And Bohemian Rhapsody will be my earworm tonight, burrowing in and refusing to GTFO of my head.

-They’re starting to repeat songs. And now I actually want to learn Soulja boy, simply because it looks fun. Ahaha, the caffeine has me looking at things differently.

-Why do they feel the need to scream frantically during Hey There Delilah?

-YUS. Things appear to be wrapping up. I should have made note of the times I edited each of these, but meh. That’d be effort. It’s ten, now. I started this around six or so.

-Time to lock down, as soon as the bulk of kids is gone. Laters.


2 Responses to “31. Stronger.”

  1. 1 Katling!

    Hooray for Monocles! Well, the kind that aren’t annoying. Which losing a lens would qualify as. *…* Kat has put foot in mouth again, all hail.

    I just was *gifted* (translation: told to get them OUT of the classroom) some hot glue guns, so if you wanted to, we could go around and hot glue the cell phones shut. That might work.

    Lastly: YAY! Tea!

  2. Ahaha, I heart the monocles! When they aren’t my ex-glasses.

    And HOLY. Your school has an amazing budget. We can’t afford to give away tissues. But the ideear. That really might work! *cackling laugh*

    TEA IS GOD. I’ve had four kinds today alone.

    -Hot Mint Tea
    -Fuze Green Tea
    -Snapple Mango Green tea,

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