032. Cloudy This Morning.


There’s a rather fascinating aspect to my bathroom, besides the layout. The celling in the cubby-sized room with the toilet is disintegrating, due to some slow-acting leak.

It feels like a scientific experiment, watching it grow daily from a slight discoloration to the huge cracks and impeding rain of plaster of the moment.

In other news, every day I sit at my desk, at some point, and watch the snowflakes drift around. They melt on contact with the ground, but they eddy around daily. They also have that weird quality of perception- whatever music is playing they match step and flow with it.


2 Responses to “032. Cloudy This Morning.”

  1. 1 Katling!

    Huh. I’ve always noticed that snowflakes seem to fall faster if I follow thier path with my eyes. Same effect? Or just musically inclined snowflakes? (I’m opting for the latter)

  2. Adore the second idea SO MUCH.

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