033. Green Room.


I’m not ducking out of theory, or anything like that… *shifty eyes*

Tech last night was amazing, despite dizziness. Chalking that up to the fact I haven’t been wearing my glasses for two days straight. There was much asstag, schlepping of luon and OSB, painting, ganking of foodstuffs, and hugs. I still have the urge to call OSB either ‘fleckle boards’ or OSFL.

I feel naked, slightly liberated, and a bit defenseless. Without glasses, I tend to notice colors and movement easily. Yet, without lines, faces become a hopeless mess up until three feet from my person. It’s a small school, thankfully, and people have distinct body shapes, color patterns and movement styles. Figuring out who is who isn’t too terribly difficult. Still, there’s always someone who tells me I look right at them without noticing. Well, dull. I’m blind.

The Vagina Monologues are coming to the local theater, the Palace. March 6-7, pre-hellweek, but I’m going. My mom has threatened to be the moaner, and I couldn’t miss that for the world.

Speaking of my mother, she is crazy. Mimi is home, so after I had settled into bed I roll over to hear, from downstairs

Up the stairs.
“… Iloveyou. g’t outta mah room.”
“Hmph. Goodbye!”
“love you, weirdos”
“Love you!”

Obviously, this is only funny if you know how damned persistent my mom is.

All in all, I’m alright. No crazy moodswings. Outstanding work is limited to theory. Having a party on Friday.Reconnecting with those I’ve been stupid to.


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