034. Aren’t We Running?


I adore two hour delays. They give me enough time to take a freakin’ long shower. Hot water, all mine! Bwahahaa. Also, shaved my legs for the first time in… erm. Well. A while. I’d forgotten why I bother, until I tried to get back under the covers. Shaved legs + fuzzy sheet = tactile amazingness. Smooth and soft and mmh. I want to slither back into bed and stay there.

Something can be said or raising bugs; I don’t have a panic attack every time one crosses my path. As one did on my way to the linen closet, after I stupidly forgot towels. It was a huge, blurry black thing . Possibly an assassin bug. And it was blocking my towels. My first thought, sadly, was “Wait, is that one of my ET’s?” Second thought. “Oh hell. It’s the kind that sprays stuff”. A mixture of loud thumps and dripping water moved it a foot to the right. I got some towels, made it out of shooting range, and proceeded normally.

Unfortunately, I do have shit to get done, given this wonderful opportunity. Meh.

…and I missed my farkin’ bus. Luvley.


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