035. Fracture and Fix.


I’m happy. There’s no question of that. I have everything I could possibly want and more. Loving family. Wonderful friends. A freakin’ huge house. Genuine care from amazing people.

Still. I forgot today. And that scares me. I blanked out and forgot the point of it and why was I still there, useless useless… I lost myself.

This is why some intelligent person invented sisters with radar. As I’m standing there, trying to remember why life is fucking worth it, she pops in to say hi. We end up hugging, me babbling for a while, then calming down and just chilling, talking about everything and nothing.

I still don’t know. I still need to find it. But I’m not broken. I know I’m loved. I’m fine again, really fine. I don’t need reassurances of love and care – I know. And I thank you, and I return that love wholeheartedly.

I’m selfish, forgetting. But I will remember. Until then, I promise not to do anything stupid.


2 Responses to “035. Fracture and Fix.”

  1. 1 raalla

    You better not do anything dumb, pip.
    For the sole reason that your blog gives me ample reading material…:P
    and of course, here is a reassurance of love even though you don’t need it. I lurve pippin!
    you’ll be all right.

  2. <3 Still here. (I lurve yew too!)

    And mmhm. I read your blog (mildly obsessively) and never comment. Unsure if that’s creepy, but I always feel I’ll say something that shows off my ignorance. Know that I am reading and adore you, regardless of radio silence.

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