036. Productivity FOR THE WIN


Seriously. There is NO TIME I feel better about being paid then when I have to scramble, look like an idiot, and do work. There have been such random calls today, things I was never told about and would have never thought of. And I managed to call every one of them back with the right answer. Best feeling ever. I hate sitting here. I love the way it feels when I can do something right.

Oh. Yeah. The party was amazing fun. But of course, people got clique-y and at one point I was fluttering between three groups, but. Eh. I don’t feel like I left anyone out big-time, as per what happened the last party. Most of the food is gone (YUS), people had fun, I hung out with amazing friends I rarely see (including some graduated. Four-hour drive, guh), and all-in-all had a blast. THIS is why it’s worth it. Feeling loved and worthwhile and being content.

For some reason, the mail has been kind recently. Valentines, a (free) print by Leonid Afremov, and a present (“Good Omens”) from a friend. I freakin’ love the mail. Oh, and a detention slip. For a library book. Which I gave back. Um. Maybe two days ago. …perhaps five months overdue.


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