038. The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be.


My mommy, for Christmas, “made” me a jewelry board. By “made”, I mean, “got the materials and never actually did anything with them”. A few weeks later, she gives the materials to me. I celebrate. Today, my dad screwed the damned thing in the wall.

It’s obviously not professional. It’s crooked and looks like a warzone, little holes in random places when I decided I wanted to move the hooks/screws. It’s still not done. It’s tiring, screwing the damn things into the corkboard when it’s higher than my head.

I’m loving every minute. <3 I can SEE my jewelery. It’s convenient! I feel girly and productive and semi-mature. No, its not the prettiest thing. But it’s mine. I’m making it. And that’s why it’s made of win.

In other news, my favorite necklace broke. These things have a lifespan of, roughly, a year. I mind not- it simply means I need to find another comfortable necklace. Or, make a frakenecklace from all the old favorite pieces I’ve saved, over the years.

The sad thing? It broke, and I looked everywhere for the end pieces. Went to bed and gave up. Brushed my hair this morning, ran across a knot, and out fell the end clip I’d been looking for. I laughed for a good five minutes.

(and the title is not a state of mind. It’s simply stuck in my head.)


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