039. Hey How My Johnny Lad.


My hair is dark again! A reddish dark brunette. Very much like a darker, redder version of my natural color, as the first dye was a lighter, blond-red version of natural. The good thing about my natural shade is that it’s in between everything. Not blond. Not red. Streaks of everything. Brunette only in the right light. Before I died my hair, I had blond, grey, red, occasional near-black, and everything in between. The result is ‘brunette’.

So. Pretty much any natural hair color besides white blond and tar black look fairly normal on me. Good thing! And, one of the few good things about my hair- it grows veeery slowly. This is annoying, unless it’s just been dyed. Then, it’s wonderful. No roots for six months? Sweet.

Slept over a a good friend’s house. She’s an amazing chef, so fruit crepes this morning and soup/chicken/salad last night. Sigh! It’s very much a treat to eat what she makes- the flavors always are varied and she cooks healthy. She’s also the beautiful person who dyed my hair, has amazing conversations, great artist- she’s astounding. We laughed, talked, watched Ratatouille, and fell fast asleep.


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