041. Passive.


Whoever wrote my American History textbook gets bored easily.

Which I only really noticed after picking out the third alliteration in a single paragraph. I can’t be bothered to go grab my textbook, but it was full of subtle plays on words, strange phrase usage, and slyly opinionated statements. And the dude slipped in the word ‘orgy’ twice in chapter twenty-six alone.

I’d respect them for this, but he/she has a boner for Bush. He’d already been in office for a while, scratch the plead of innocence. Then there’s various biases I hadn’t noticed prior to reading the book closely. None of them are insofar as bold as a lie, but there’s more leading suggestions and words than I’m comfortable with.

On the bright side, it makes reading the text that much less dry.

Feeling better. Am worried about going back to school, simply because I’ve missed so much. Grragh.


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