042. Zephyr.


Flashbacks amuse me.

So, Hell Week fast approaches! I’d pimp out ticket prices and days, but no one is local. Boo. It’ll be an amazing show, hopefully. Beauty and the Beast. Set is gorgeous, lead cast is good, chorus is… getting there. Fairly quickly. Sometimes quicker than certain actors. Skylar and I, as well periodic help, spent much time trying to nail black fabric to the back of the dungeon/fireplace. Which lead to the unusual amount of hammer/nail/ect jokes. Also, confusion from various actors. Perfectly normal confusion, but their expressions border on priceless. You’d think they’d be used to anything at this point. (“That’s not a bitch! That’s a ho! You bang the hoe!” “It’s a bitch! Your bitch, not my ho! Nail it now!”)

The cushions used for Gaston’s fall also make a convenient orgy spot. Seriously. My biggest love for tech has to be the sheer amount of people I see cuddling, in a school that doesn’t exactly have an active tolerance thing. A lax one, yes. There’s an amazing amount of astounding people. There’s also an annoying amount of assholes. It’s highschool. And yet, being in Masterworks means the male leads have absolutely no issue falling asleep leaning on each other, and no one really gives a shit.

Still sick. Can’t be helped, and trying to eat so soon was a mistake of epic proportions (ahaha, BK fries. Never again). Tea, yogurt, and maybe some of the overpriced vitamin water from the vending machines. But nothing solid for a while yet.

On another note, when looking at the snapshot-linkwindow (to my own blog) it contains a link about the vagina monologues. I laughed. They’re coming up! <3


2 Responses to “042. Zephyr.”

  1. 1 bylandl

    Hammer and nail jokes? I got to work in legitimate “sleeping together” jokes today. I win.

    Vagina monologues = wooo!

    *glomp* thanks for being so awesome to me; you can’t even imagine how much it helps.

  2. 2 Pip


    I said “vagina monologues” outloud in the Art computer lab today. I got a double-take and a rant on how a girl hated the word vagina. This was after that girl and I had talked for a while about the awesomeness of Rocky Horror. XD When asked about a better word, she promptly sad Aingav. She’s given this thought!

    Hah! I had a woman on each arm last night. When they weren’t laying on my stomach. Tech is made for backstage orgies, I swear.

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