043. A wonderful day is when…


One can have four types of tea and solids foods.

Real tea (Mint) this morning. An overpriced green-tea Fuze during school. A mango-green-tea Snapple during work. A glass of Arizona green tea. Which will be when I get home, so right now only three. But the INTENT makes it four.

I felt icky again this morning, refusing everything but my tea. After the Korean long-distance learning experience*, there was free lunches for everyone. My apatite decided it loved me again. So, after a forced three/four day fast, I ATE. It was glorious. Even cafeteria food tastes heavenly. And then there was soup at a local cafe before work. Stratacci… spelling escapes me. The one with noodles and egg and yum. It was delicious. And unlike yesterday, nothing is repeating on me. -confetti-

All in all, I was HEEAALED. ( Srsly.)

*Thank you, Manhattan School of Music. You got me out of English. And provided a cool experience. Korean music is decidedly awesome in its differences.


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