050. Apprehension.


Injury count for Tech: various illnesses, cracked toenail from collision (it bled badly and I didn’t even realize- my sock is red at the toes) LOTS of bruises on legs, a few on arms, back hurts, sleep a distant memory, grades down the crapper.

I still adore Tech. Even in Show Week. Especially Show Week.

I adore pink foam walls and the little cave of curtains supports and people. I adore feeling needed. I adore sneaking away to watch the play from Power Row when I’m not needed. I adore orgies and people hugging without reservations. I adore the memories. I would be more eloquent, but I’m running on little sleep and Tech having to run the show since three. Actors got there around five, but we were trying to shave time off drops and props. GRAGH.

If only the actors would be quiet in the halls, STOP BREAKING PROSCENIUM, and look less offended when I tell them to shut up. I’m tired and cranky and don’t want to bitch at leads, and typically don’t have to, but LORD is the chorus getting on my nerves. And they leave their shit on my prop tables. KEEEEL. But, still. Tech is love.

In other news, we read Vivaldi in Occidentals today. It was glorious. I want to learn it ALL. And then sing Mozart again. We rocked Mozart last year, as the previous year rocked Vivaldi. I want this year to have an amazingly hard movement to brag about.


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