051. Here Comes the Sun.


Love is long AIM conversations that invoke memories and jokes and truth. Love is stolen kisses that aren’t too terribly indecent, with respect to the amount of people nearby. Love is simply leaning together. Love is hands lightly entwined. Love is new and beautiful and breathtaking and gods above, I never want this to end.

Duct-tape kisses. Blueblue eyes. Unexpected breathmints. Smiles and looks. Surprising support. Shared love of random things. So much laughter. Cuddling while watching someone play Pokemon Snap. Melding together, just leaning and snuggling. Touch. Touchtouchtouch. The mere fact that a hug, a hand to hold, a place to lean, is there.

Never been so happy.

Never been so tired either, but Show Night is Thursday. Friday. Two on Saturday. Sunday and Strike. Maybe then I’ll do the homework thing. But. Life. It’s all working out.


3 Responses to “051. Here Comes the Sun.”

  1. 1 raalla

    yay happiness!

  2. 2 bylandl

    Aww, Pippy found someone!

    Congrats, doll. Good to hear that you’re happy. Wooo~!

  3. 3 Katling


    I read this over again, including the most glorious Leah’s comment and FINALLY I get it! I liked the writing, but I was a bit confused. Not that confusion isn’t my normal state of being or anything…;)

    *does the happy dance for Pip*

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