052. Linger.


Tired to the power of GRAH. But happy. The show went well. The drops and dog collars cooperated. The audiance was happy, laughing and being receptive. We were sorta-quiet backstage. All props worked and went on stage at the right time. No dropped lines from what I could tell. Notes on target. Orgy piles. Hugs and teasing and people smiling. Shop cleaned up nicely. Muuurrr. Cuddling and leaning and friendships that felt in peril rescued by a hug. The Shrine getting passes around. The Gay Bar having guardians against smelly people with disgusting fingers. Naps backstage.

The annoying stuff was limited to the people who skipped most rehearsals, all of them during hell/show week, then show up thinking they still have a job. Hah. We will not stop the motherfucking show just because you aren’t there to grab candles. You are a pair of hands. We can find another pair just as easily. So, shoo. Stop running on stage expecting to do something- we’ve already told you we had it under control, and things have been moved and changed and if you aren’t at rehearsals then fuck off. And a bottle dropped during an opening scene. In an indirect way, my fault. Grah.

Before curtain, Trev and I went outside and mused in the sun, leaning against the concrete skate-park-thing, and talking. Listening to music. Lying silently, enjoying the sun and company. Laughing at the cars going by. Conversations came and went, but the sun and the beautiful breeze were there the whole time. I really can’t think of a better way to spend an hour on a nice day. Kissed by the sun’s warmth, stroked by the cool breeze, and nuzzling with someone I care about deeply.

I’m crashing pretty bad, poetry of memory aside. On the bright side, I kept everything I ate today. Go me! I still can’t eat more than twice a day, and only smaller things, but still. I lost twenty pound on accident. I don’t feel thin, or healthy. I feel bulimic. I haaate throwing up. Meh. Sleep. Or I doubt I’ll be any use tomorrow.


3 Responses to “052. Linger.”

  1. 1 Katling

    Thou mayth be tired to the power of GRAH, but if you still can type, I knowst thou shalt recover. Or be wapped over the head by a dead fish :) Something like that. We shall prayth to the shine for your recovery.

  2. 2 bylandl

    Is Trevor the kid you found?
    Is this the same Trevor that you introduced me to?

    If so, good call. I think this one’s a keeper.

    Congrats on the 20lbs, even if you didn’t mean for it to happen.

  3. 3 Pip

    Katling- aww, sankyuu! <3!

    Leah- ^^ Yes. Love you babe.

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