054. Crane Wife.


Oh. Oh.

No words left.

Endings both enthrall and devastate me. Tears dry, for the moment, but. Oh.

The last play.

The first act, we were fucking up left and right. Things were going wrong and we all looked at each other in despair, asking why the day sucked so bad. Props left backstage (BY TECH. sdjkfhf Even I didn’t catch it until the Prologue. And I caught it before the captain), a high piano player (which may not be true, but evidence leans that way), set malfunction, the scrim-opener falling from her ladder, ect. A dog collar forgotten in the forest drop. People neglecting to help with the Once Upon a Time drop. Various little things.

Of course, it was also slightly cool how no one noticed ANY of this, because we cleaned it up and adjusted and made due seamlessly. Just like the other shows- shit happened, we dealt, and the audience was unaware. But man. Were we feeling the morale drop.

And then. The confetti cannons. Note: We did five shows. For the past four, something went wrong EVERY TIME. Flash paper refusing to ignite. Plugs undone. Faulty wiring. They even would switch- the one that worked on night didn’t the next. One would always work, and the other would remain lifeless.

The fifth show? Both. Fucking. Cannons. With a pyrotechnic effect, about five feet of flash shooting in the air. We cheered loudly from power row, hugging and clapping. Imagine the people at NASA after a successful launch, and you have all of the crew, right there. Backstage, during intermission, our Gaston was on a wild HOLYSHITITWORKED hugathon. All of us suddenly were bright and happy and on top of our games, and that’s how we ended the final show. On top of the world.

Strike was amazing. Building is frustrating, and sometimes not terribly awarding. Scene changes will piss you off at some point, guaranteed. But Strike is pure demolition, and it isn’t possible to be truly upset or frustrated. Can’t get out a nail? Kick the damn thing and move on! You can’t cry, either. Just get sweaty and feel useful because hahaa, you have a hammer/screwshooter and are taking things apart.



I will miss you guys.


2 Responses to “054. Crane Wife.”

  1. 1 katling


    I can imagine, at the time the cannons completly went off for you, the 1812 overture suddenly springing out to blast with the cannons. Dun dunaduna duna dun dun *BOOM!* Duna dunaduna dun dun *BOOM!* Dunaduna…er, well, you get the idea. Very appropreate for the finale!

    “…a high piano player (which may not be true, but evidence leans that way)…”

    That actually sounds rather…interesting…:)

  2. 2 Pip

    Ahahaa, it was at the very end of “Be Our Guest”. Nearly the 1812. Almost. It felt dramatic!

    Interesting is one word for it. This is the same piano player that was hitting on Trev. (I still am terribly amused by this)

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