055. Trust.


Today was fine. By ‘fine’, I mean ’emotional blank slate’. Which was filled with happy faces and hearts drawn in chalk by my wonderful lovies, as the day ended. Thank you guys.

It was uplifting, once I left school and let my mind wander. I grabbed soup at my favorite place, Old World Cafe, because I had enough in my pocket and the scent was intoxicating. Yuuum!

Even after leaving Old World, the day got better. A new shop on Market Street opened. A tea shop. With tables and scones and chocolates and a decent selection of teas (that is getting better daily, or so I’m told). I got a few bags, all of them 2.75; chamomile and lemongrass, peppermint, and strawberry green tea. They are all loose-leaf, and smell delicious. I can’t wait to go home and make myself a small pot of the chamomile/lemongrass.

Talking to the shop keeper, I was dismayed when I realized I was a dollor twenty-five short. I apologized, and started putting a bag back- only to have her stop me and wave it off, telling me to pay it back the next time I was in. I was flabbergasted. This was the first time I had ever visited the store, mind you, so there was no rapport of trust. This was her, on blind faith, letting me go out the door with an IOU. It’ll be paid back come Thursday, but how would she know that? I was touched. Another point for the day!

I’m at work. Four hours filled with necessary invoice-mailing.  Woo. I feel useful, but am saddened. ‘ll be missing the equinox concert for the Town Pants- someone else has been taking my hours for two weeks so I could do the play, and asking off would be douchebaggery.

Friday. Friday I go home, truly home. Home is family, home is where you feel safe and loved, and I am returning. I can’t wait. Mia’s friends are coming as well. I really want to bring someone. I’ve done it before, and so have all of us in the family. Murr. I wonder who will come this year?


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