056. Vernal Equinox.


Whilst shopping around at Brains and Nubble, my sister hands me a book to look at, one she found lying in the wrong section (I think it was on top of some bibles). This book is GENIUS. Starting today, I’m burning, smearing, doodling, and having a ball with it. I’ll possible include pictures once it’s throughly destroyed.

To Do List

For vacation:
-Essay on Progressive Era Poverty (do Friday, due today. Oops.)
-Draw six separate pages in book.
-Woodcut research- double page spread.
-Intaglio research
-Rembrandt Research
-Make up a melody for the thing- finale is your friend.

Prep for vacation:
-Critical eye on what to bring and what not to
-Must take doominabox, sketchbook, clothes
-Loki and Kaspian taken care of?
-Water all plants. Downstairs, this means all of the potted roses and the spiderplants on the window. Upstairs, this means my bamboo and clovers.
-Clean. Sorta.
-Charge eyepod.
-Find headphones.
-Get stains out of hoodies, they will be needed.
-Payback tealady today. And, if e

Shopping list for the taxfree:
-GEL PENS. For new shiny thing.
-Art supplies that tempt the eye.

Mhmm. And work tonight. Joy. Oh, Delaware! I miss thee. In all your city-air, country-cow-pastures, flat, temperate glory. I want to see if the old Chinese place is there. I want to stop by Longwood. But most of all? I want to hug my little cousins, snark with (and at) the saxophone brat, laugh at the punk’s newest emo band, see if the philosopher is still with the last girl, and sing along with the guitar player.

I hope my little cousins don’t remember they wanted me to henna them. If I can find some, I’ll surprise them with it. If not. Well. Easter is distracting!

Why don’t we have Monday off? I want to stay with my family. At least people are coming with us! The drive won’t be lonely, and I get to share my family. <3


3 Responses to “056. Vernal Equinox.”

  1. 1 bylandl

    I can has Pip?

  2. 2 Pip

    You always has Pip. *snuggles*

  3. 3 katling

    Ooh, Longwood Gardens…the closest you can get to Myst without linking :)

    *hug attack*!

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