057. Finally!


A milestone has occurred! Anon finally affected me. Mostly, because the dorks at g00ns.net raided theiforum (or whatever free-forum thing the root is). Annoying. I had a shitload of transcribed notes there, mostly from History of the Americas. Seriously- all that was on the thing was some notes, to-do lists, then a honking mass of English and HOA notes/work.

Eh, such is life. I’m too busy laughing to be really pissed, at any rate. Need to remember to use multiple backups next time.

EDIT: Seems to have been corrected. Was funny while it lasted. Said things about digimon not being real, but mudkips? FUCK YEAH. Typical memes. Kinda made my day, in a strange way.


2 Responses to “057. Finally!”

  1. 1 bylandl

    so i heard you liek mudkips.


  2. 2 katling

    “Anon finally affected me.”

    Er…what? *confused*

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