060. Sheer Brilliance.


I adore the wise-ass fool who put detention in the computer lab. Internally, I am shaking with laughter. Externally, I have a scholarly ‘I’m doing an essay, really!” expression on. And I want food. Possibly soup, if at all possible.

Yesterday was a blast. Old World soup and icecream, friends, cuddles, and time well spent doing little. Honesty. Walks. Laughter. My mom and I having our usual embarrassment battle. There should be at least one day a week devoted to such pleasures.

In school-ness, my art teacher isn’t in tomorrow. Wee! I can catch up in her class without feeling a nagging sense of guilt. Or, get my HOA done,. Whichever. It adds up for three art periods spent doing anything, a lunch period, and a study hall, all free. 5/9 doing nada. Two spent in a Music room. One History, one English. And that is my schedule.

Oh, and the detention was for being late to History. Mostly, meandering through the halls, catching up with friends and spending time better than would occur in a classroom. Hee.


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