061. D’aaaw!


“Excuse me!”

I turn and smile. The girl is in middle school, probably one of the nicer private ones. She’s clean and smart, dressed well with an open expression.

“Can I help you?” This sounds sarcastic. It isn’t. I’m at work, and sarcasm is reserved for the saxophone teacher.

“I noticed your sweatshirt. I’m doing a project on Wicked- do you mind if I interview you?”

Seriously. Adorable. This girl is young, smart, asking questions well and quoting near word-for-word. She came in earlier for a pen, which I noticed her using for homework. The interview was your standard middle-school questions, about the play, the book, favorite moments and characters. It was made fun by the bright girl asking me questions.

This is one of the reasons I love working here. We don’t get as many in-your-face assholes as we do adorable people, both grown and not.


9 Responses to “061. D’aaaw!”

  1. 1 raalla

    Pip…so it’s finally occurred to me to actually *ask* instead of sitting here scratching my head…
    Where do you work??

  2. 2 Pip

    Oh! I work at a community art center. I mind the desk, phones, and other misc. tasks. I work upper building out of two- the one with the ceramics studio, lots of private lesson rooms, and a ballroom-style converted dance studio. The office I work in is all beautiful molding, high ceiling, high windows, with a huge old carved, wooden/ceramic tile/wrought metal fireplace (with green omar/swastikas decorating it- we’re unsure of the origin, but no one has been offended yet) The doors are huge and wooden. It’s a beautiful refurbished building that is often dusty due to the kiln firing. I love it here <3)

  3. 3 raalla

    see. I spent WAY too long trying to figure it out…although I had come to the conclusion it was a community/youth center of some sort. And, it sounds like a love-worthy place.

  4. 4 bylandl

    check the swastikas. what side are they turning to?

    this is the important question.


  5. 5 Pip

    They are left-facing. So, really, they’re legit. But little kids don’t know this, and when they see them it can be funny. Typically they don’t notice them, though!

    I can’t remember who started calling them ‘omars’, or if that’s a mess-up of a proper name for the Hindu-swastika, but the name still rings in my mind when I look at the fireplace.

    It is very much a loveworthy place. Almost as loveworthy as you guys. *cuddles*

  6. 6 katling

    I’ve got to come and take pictures of your workplace, since it sounds drool-worthy.

    *Sprite drools on keyboard*

    Er…not that kind of drool dearie….

    *drools more*

    Moving on…I’m now kicking myself that you live much too far away for me to bug you and go “Will you open the doors for me if I drove up (a terror in itself) and stole your building?” Can you imagine the DRIVE?!?!?!?!

  7. 7 Pip

    Ahaha, the drive is painful. YOU driving, alone? Oh dearie. I love you, doll. I am unprepared for you driving.

  8. 8 katling

    *pictures a four to five hour version of a demolition derby*

    …oh my

    That could have…problems attached to it….*twitches*

  9. 9 Pip

    *deadpan* Simply a few issues.

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