062. Away.


Eighties hair is crunchy. And not so much fun. Espcially not the morning after. I cooked for everyone. Bacon and eggies. And it didn’t suck. As much fun as dressing up was, going out in public in the most authentic-looking eighties style had to be the best part.

I wish I had felt better for it, but. I got to spend time with people I love. From wild makeup to cuddling quietly. Both have their perks. If I hadn’t been able to just settle down, stop crying, stop bitching, and cuddle… I dunno where I would have been. Even as it was, I crashed bad. I fell asleep at two, as soon as we got back, in my own bed. Rude to my guests? Yes. Care? A bit. But they wouldn’t have wanted to deal with me most of that night if I hadn’t had those little downtimes.

Cleaning is going to be a bitch. Thank god I already got the kitchen done. Now, for my room, the basement, the house proper, the laundry, the floors… blech. After taking a shower, life is good. I don’t really get why you’d WANT your hair crunchy, every single day. Soft hair is more fun.


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