065. *raises eyebrows*


“It is time to take back our health care. This is why I support making all medical expenses tax deductible.” (Ron Paul)

Really nice idea. Yeah, yeah, they have no chance of winning the election. Whatever. Thinking about how amazing it could be makes me kinda happy. On one level, I’m glad it’s not possible- I’m pro-choice. On pretty much every other level- sigh! I curse the Republicrat mentality. Seriously.

But, for a typical candidate who can win, Obama. All the freakin’ way.

Sick of politics? Shame. They’re the ones who make the laws. And own our souls. And can send us to jail. And seem to hate the Constitution, as of late.

Germany sounds good this time of year…

**If you read this blag, feel free to say anything political in the comments. In fact, it’s encouraged. Correct me, show me truths, give me links and quotes and pretty little facts. I’d appreciate this. **

EDIT: Ron Paul really is a racist bastard. Damn. Thanks for letting me know.


3 Responses to “065. *raises eyebrows*”

  1. 1 raalla

    hmm. Idealistically, yes, he’s on it. But in practice you know things would go very very quickly to shit.
    I’d rather reform medical care gently, by getting people insured. (We had an assembly about how something like a third or more of the people in MD have no insurance. Basically, it really really sucks. and if something is to be done about medical care in this country, it should be fixing that.)
    As for the Constitution, it deserves more respect than it gets, which makes me sad.
    As for Germany, their language is too wild for me, but beyond that…let’s GO!

  2. 2 bylandl

    Germany- the language is obscene, the construction is austere, the random businessmen on the street are dour, and the hackers are apparently talented. Win some; lose some.

    Ron Paul spewed a pretty bit of homophobia that, along with his anti-Semitism, pissed me the motherfucking fuck off (check http://www.tnr.com/politics/story.html?id=e2f15397-a3c7-4720-ac15-4532a7da84ca)

    Our Constitution deserves to be *implemented* more often.

    And how about a quick review on the Kellogg-Briand pact? SEEING AS WE SIGNED IT AND ALL

    okay, rant over.

    thanks for the linkback.

  3. 3 Pip

    Rachel: The product will hit the fan near-instantly if he were in office. And it would probably not work out. But ideals, they exist! I agree with gentle reform, but certain things need to be done now. Before we kill more people by milking the sick for money.

    I heart the constitution. It saddens me that we’ve been using it for toilet paper.

    ROAD TRIP. (and airplane. or boat. mebbe train.)

    Leah: I was COMPLETELY unaware of this. Danger, danger Will Robinson! Reading the article, I was more than mildly repulsed. Pretty words are nice, but. Homophobia? Freakin’ anti-Semistism? No. I know we’ve put some pretty racist people in office and escaped without too much damage (Woodrow Wilson was supposedly in the KKK, example) but. NO. It pisses me off too. Thanks for telling me, doll.

    Errrg. Us, follow promises set years ago, signed by our own government? Naaah. That’d be, like, Bush upholding the constitution or something.I mean, it wasn’t like that’s how he was sworn in. OH WAIT.

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