067. A Thousand Beautiful Things.


It has been a night of small magics.

The living wildness.
The sweetness that permeates the air, freshcoollight.
The blue of the limitless skies.
The breeze softly stroking skin, toying with anything it wants to lift, to dance with.
The dark of night.
The countless deer, grazing and watching the car with big eyes.
The marauding raccoon, its fat butt wiggling as it scampers up.
The tiny greyish fox, moving quickly out of the road.
The peepers, singing out the location of any water.
The fogbank, smoothly obscuring sight.
The way the air breathes, as spring comes once again.

It’s been an amusing day, full of teasing both fond and annoying, projects finished, old friendships renewed. It’s been a fun day, with laughter and Chinese food, friends and loves.

Murr. All in all? A wonderful time.


2 Responses to “067. A Thousand Beautiful Things.”

  1. 1 katling

    A day of braiding shall we say? Some things comng to the end of braiding, and being woven together, some things just starting to be braided, and other things being re-woven into the pattern. :)

  2. 2 Pip

    That works perfectly, love.

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