069. Why I’m not good at being PC.


My mother and I were talking. The news stories came up.

“Did you hear about the two babies in India?”

“You mean, the “octopus girl” and the baby with two faces?

“Yeah. They’re both being worshiped.”

“The one had her extra four limbs removed, though. Complications”

“Apparently, the one with two faces is perfectly fine. She can eat and breath out of both mouths.”

“It’s funny- two girls being worshiped as goddesses being born now, in these days.”


“You know what I think it means?”


“They should really double-check the local radiation level.”

*Pip gets smacked*

I seriously love the fact that the first thought wasn’t surgery for the healthy baby, though. Accepting it instead of fear? Nice. If she was having complications, of course surgery should be considered. But, if she’s healthy? More power to her and her parents.


2 Responses to “069. Why I’m not good at being PC.”

  1. 1 bylandl

    Octopus girl needs surgery. Organ systems are tripping over themselves trying to fimd what they need to do because there are FOUR KIDNEYS and they’re stuck sitting and going WTF FOUR KIDNEYS instead of filtering her blood.

    Goddess or no, girl needs some help.

  2. 2 Pip

    Mucho agreement. She had serious complications- if it endangers health, it shouldn’t stick around. I was happy to find out that most reports think the other girl is healthy, though!

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