070. Maddening Shroud.


Having everyone (by everyone, I mean six techies) over can be wicked fun. Or painful. Or both! Tonight was mainly a blast. We screamed and drank lots of monster/red bull/doubleshot espressos, played on the elementary school playground, watched “Death at a Funeral” and had a grand ole time. We played foursquare, then the boys climbed on the roof to get the ball we kicked onto of the elementary school. Then we left, ate dinnah, went to walmart for caffine, and went back to the playground. It got strangely warm after the sun went down. The swing magically went higher.

I finished a book, too. A sort of coming of age novel that wasn’t so much about anything. It reminded me of getting to know someone for a while, then drifting away casually. You learn some things about them, but you never shared any real adventures. Just stories. Old events told again. Still, a decent book. “Someday This Pain Will Be Usefull To You”, Peter Cameron. It was the type of bok that you read, look up thig youve read, and maybe you’re moved, maybe you relate perfectly, or maybe you just read and move on.

It mentioned a play I’ve been meaning to read. I haven’t yet, but I will. If only to stop Duvid from bothering me when he sees me at the desk (Duvid is our sometimes-charming, sometimes-pain-in-the-ass saxophone teacher). He says that I’ll relate to it, due to my mother. “A Long Day’s Journey Into Night” Meh. I need to get to a bookstore.

I wish I could capture the magic of a bruised colored sky, of the way a playground is something entirely amazing once you’re old enough to appreciate it. But I am wired and tired at once, and words are suffering.


2 Responses to “070. Maddening Shroud.”

  1. 1 bylandl

    Maddening Shroud – I love that song.

  2. 2 Pip

    We listened to Imogen in my theory class, analyzing Hide and Seek. It was AMAZING.

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