072. Pushing the Needle Too Far


Dried-Leaf-Juice, also known as tea, is good for soothing murderous urges. Jasmine in particular.

If I say I’m busy, I’m busy. it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It means I have shit to do. So don’t drop by, don’t whine, don’t try and make me feel like a horrible person. I am tired and fed up and need to get way too much work done. It doesn’t mean I hate you guys. It means I have a life. One outside of your circle.

Two hours until my dad comes home and I need everything done. I have a pounding headache and want to stab something, but it doesn’t get anything done.

ETA: Got stuff done. Watched Juno with my mom. In general, everything got better after an hour or so, and my dad came home late, giving me more time to clean.


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