073. Some Fine Day.


College visiting is over, for this break at least. I have these really attractive blisters now. Lolcat speak has crept upon me in real life, and I was appalled to find myself tempted during an interview. Graah. And the lady at the last college info-thing gave me a rash. Literally. The psych major who was transferring was quietly trying to figure out if I had a psycho-something reaction or was OCD as she spoke to her mother. I was amused.

In short? My feet hurt, a local college is actually really tempting (if it wasn’t twenty minutes away), and most take IB creds. Suh-weet!

Nap tiem.


2 Responses to “073. Some Fine Day.”

  1. 1 katling

    GAH. College visits can either be very fun or very prone to pain. *gives you foot balm* And interviews are really never fun…jeepers, now I’m remembering the one from Hampshire *wince*

    Oh! It’s official! I’m going to Goucher! I’m going to be a Baltimorian, eat crab guts and freak out about a half inch of snow! YAYYYYYY! :D

    The silly part is, I’m not being sarcastic about the crab guts. :)

  2. 2 Pip

    <3 Have fun with crab guts- I’ll visit yew! I promise.

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