074. One seventy one.


It was a beautiful blustery day. Chance, bad timing, lack of communication and personal misrepresentation gave me the opportunity to walk from work to my mother’s house a few times, to get keys and information. From work to my mom’s isn’t a far walk at all- a few blocks, crossing the bridge spanning the river. It was glorious. Perhaps seventy some degrees, if not eighty, with a fierce wind whipping at clothing and hair. I don’t mind the heat as long as there’s a strong wind that banishes the gnats. Birds were carried sideways. Sight was constantly obscured by a curtain of hair. Wind is love.

I’ve propped the door open, letting the breeze filter in. There’s a piano recital going on that was ill prepared for, but meh. The students are adorable, mainly Asian. Every few songs a few come out for the bathroom, cell phones, changes in something or other. It’s cute. Most leave after they finish their own performance.

I had problems sleeping last night. Wandering out of my room at two in the morning, I had to catch my breath. The skylight was showing an ethereal vision of the moon, quite full, with swirling clouds dancing around it, misting over a touch. I stayed there watching until the winds took the vision away, leaving a huge moon in a now-empty sky.

School is starting again. And Mister Hippo, my much-abhorred art project, is near complete. He needs a neck, a layer of brown paper towels and paint. Why did I chose hungry hungry hippos? Tinkertoys would have been easier. Barrel of Monkeys would be more entertaining, especially if I had a partner. But, no. I chose the green hippo. MY dad was quietly snickering as I cursed out “Senor Hippo”. He possibly caught on to the fact that I was using the exact same tone as when I addressed my old Spanish teacher. Our mutual student-teacher loathing is remembered well.

Alas, the damn thing should be done soon. Wee!


2 Responses to “074. One seventy one.”

  1. 1 katling

    At least it will be a cute hippo? *hopes*

    I know the feeling of art projects one wants to get over with; I’ve been stuck with a project to deal with multiples. She didn’t say what, or how, or anything except “Do it with multiples”…and the only idea I have is to do with card games.

    Maybe hippos with card games? :)

  2. 2 Pip

    <3 He ended up an adorable hippo, even if he looks like a green turkey when his head isn’t attached.

    Card-hippos would be entirely too cute.

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