076. if God would send his angels.


I woke up, and by some miracle remembered it was Day of Silence. I promptly emailed myself the information, and wrote out a sign until I could get to a printer. I managed to rope a bunch of people into it before school began, simply by not speaking as we usually do. A small crowd followed me to get copies of printed info, to hand to teachers and such.

I printed out copies, gave them to everyone, and walked down the hall a bit lighter. Then, brilliantly, I realized that it was entirely possible some idiot would complain to the office, about it not being official or approved or something. (I hope people aren’t that dense, that stupid, but it never hurts to get safeguards). I took one of my copies to Mrs. V, with a little note on the bottom as “an explanation for several silent students”. Saluting her, and trusting her to smooth over any ruffled feathers, I walked back to class.

Handing a sheet to my teacher, I got to work on my sketchbook. Handed some to classmates who tried to get me to speak, and sat down. Only to sit up in amazement. Because as the Pledge was said and all the sports announcements were over, there was the information on Day of Silence, a notice for teachers to respect this, and a general support message. Mrs. V had given it to the announcement-guy, without me asking. It felt amazing. We have no GLBT club, only a Students Against Violence and Discrimination. Nice, but broad. For my little spur-of-the-moment thing to be on the announcements was really, really awesome.

And that’s how the day went. Some joined in. Some voiced support. Anyone who asked got a sheet on the silence of turned backs, of ignored jibes and actions. That’s all I could ask to spread


5 Responses to “076. if God would send his angels.”

  1. 1 raalla

    you rock.
    our gsa had an official thing, with ribbons and a signup sheet and a breaking-of-the-silence party at the end of school, but I believe this was almost more effective and wonderful. Because it was unexpected, because it was independent, because you had to care. I saw more than one girl who I’ve heard say more than one disgusting thing wearing a black ribbon and closed lips yesterday and wanted to scream. I guess that is what the silence part is for…

  2. 2 Pip

    <3 Thank you, doll.

    If tolerance is popular, hypocrisies becomes the norm. Take the girl on the Students Against Violence And Discrimination bus, every other word “faggot” and “whore”. But her friend was on the trip.

    It was funny, the people who ended up doing it. There was another group who came prepared, with little signs and sewn-up lips drawn on. There was a small number who heard the announcement and joined, another segment who joined after I gave them my sheet and possibly a few other factions.

    The funniest part was that some of the kids who came in with the signs, who chose this, were people I often avoid. They aren’t hygienic, fall deep into the world of fantasy, and deny reality most of the time. To see the “smelly kids” with the pins and sewn mouths was.. strange. On one hand, the reason they support is probably because they’re into yaoi and want everyone else to be. But maybe I’m being an asshole, and maybe they really felt the need to “speak” up. Either way, I smiled at them whenever I could, an honest smile.

  3. 3 raalla

    It’s good and frustrating at the same time. The thing about this one girl, is that none of her friends did it, yet she did. She of the “that’s-so-gay” and “whisper-about-the-gay-chick” persuasion.
    I wonder about this. I wonder if it was…repenting? Is that allowed, does that make sense?

    Reunion just came on, and being on your site, it reminded me of camp, and the time in batik that we started to sing it and couldn’t remember what song it was.

  4. 4 Pip

    People are strange. One thing that remains constant is that fact.

    Indigo Girls is forever linked to two things, in my mind: My mother and I, singing harmonies in the car at full volume, and Camp. Various times in camp. WAC. Batik, the EXACT memory you brought up<3 We tried so hard to remember XD. Sitting on the lawn with a bunch of people singing our hearts out.

    I miss you. Only a short time left!

  5. 5 raalla

    I miss you too! I miss everyone. The months I thought I wasn’t coming back were loaded with sadness even though I chose it… I’m excited. Very excited. 80-something days, for me, I think.

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