083. Fuck You.


Fuck your hatefilled, ignorant words, and fuck your hateful “god”.

The God I remember was the God of my family, the God of love and mercy, the God of Psalms and glories. The God that was saddened by the fall of every sparrow, and so on. The God I saw in my family, in the beauty, in the truth, in the births and the connections and the deaths and the way we pull together and make life mean something.

I hope that this God throws you in the pit, personally. I haven’t been a member of organized religion so long, I forget my teachings. He probably will just reincarnate you as a leper or something. Or maybe you will get the “bad person’s disease” in this lifetime, divine justice.

Either way, for your words and the way you have treated someone, you deserve something smashed in your face. Realization of dogmatic brainwashing, mayhaps. Or a mallet. Whichever.

We need more peace and love in the word. Not your hate. I wish I could let your words fall, shake my head and forget. Instead, I burst into tears of fury and confusion and frustration every time I think of it. I am the child who just learned of a horror. I am in disbelief, still.

Go live. Not die, live. Live long enough to feel the acid of your words.


5 Responses to “083. Fuck You.”

  1. 1 Leah

    God… I can’t even begin.

    But I love you, Pip.

  2. 2 Pip

    I love you, doll. *snuggles* People are stupid sometimes, as is life. But all has it’s pretty moments.

  3. 3 katling

    Kicking this person in the shins would just help their ’cause’, right?

    Can I do it anyway?


  4. 4 vividaudio


    I mean, honestly, what will she say when she gets cancer? Karma, my retarded friend. I wonder if she ever understood how much she offended people.

  5. 5 Pip

    She’ll probably blame us. Or blame god, and go all anti-religion. And somehow, she’ll be even more annoy for it.

    Thank Muhammad the Teddy Bear that we don’t have to deal with her next year.

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