084. perfection.


is blisters so horrible that walking hurts, because you’ve been dancing all night
is the DJ playing Sandstorm right after you request it
is spooning on the couch
is Denny’s
is Rent in the car
is kickass Denny’s servers
is amazing food at Three Birds
is dancing with the sexy senior
is dancing with friends
is dancing with love
cottoneyed joe
a bit of freak
is watching thriller done by people who KNOW it
is the stop-motion effect of the strobe
is sitting outside for a moment
is slow shutter speeds and crazy-ass lights
is klepto candles
is the sunset on the bridge
is that feeling of after-midnight, with no signs of turning into a pumpkin
is ‘it’ deciding not to come to prom to punish us. (you made my night by disappearing)
is sleepy conversations
experimenting with children (in th name of science!)
invading aquatic sea-monkeys, with killer barrels and dramatic classical themes
is seeing dawn and realizing that I just got to sleep next to the one I care for most
is loving the way the hair looked when it was up
is loving the way it fell after three hours of hot, sweaty, energetic dancing
is bright-red toenails
is matching fingers
is great-looking shoes
is great-looking boy
is the little rush that occurs at every glance, touch, laugh
is friends
is refusing to dance to the slow songs that were crap
is dancing my first slow-dance
is being on the floor and being held
is natural movement, no matter how dorky
is the valedictorian’s awkward side-side bobble
is “I just realized I have Boobies!”
is straps baring shoulders
is hands warm and familiar
is reconnection
is a perfect night

I’ll remember more later. The only thing that could make this night/morning more perfect would be if we could be sharing this bed. Just holding. Just sleeping. Just perfection.


3 Responses to “084. perfection.”

  1. 1 katling

    I take it we had a fantastic prom?

    *ducks thrown book on Stating the Obvious*

    …though, klepto candles? That sounds a bit worrisome; any casualties? :)

  2. 2 vividaudio

    experimenting with children

    Come again? Is that supposed to sound pedophilic?

  3. 3 Pip

    Ahahahahahaha. Yes and no. More like terrible in a scientific way.

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