092. nature plays.


Twice this summer there have been this strange little plays, natural stories that I’ve witnessed lying in bed. It’s kinda funny what you see and hear when no one else is awake

I woke up, and all I could hear was the cacophony of crows. Nice alarm clock. It was maybe six o’clock. I was wondering what had gotten them riled up – until I hear the screech of a hawk. The crows cawed louder. The crows were mobbing the hawk, a mini drama that caught my sleepy attention. Each consecutive cry of the hawk was both louder and more strained. Eventually, it died off altogether. It was a bit sad, a bit thought-provoking. What happened? Was the hawk okay? What made the crows shut up, five minutes later? I couldn’t see a thing, all I could do was imagine.

The second was last night, and was pretty cute. Unless you watch animal planet and know how freakin’ vicious fireflies are. I was watching my ceiling, as two fireflies flashed and danced around each other. They were still dancing as I fell asleep, two little yellow lights moving across every part of my ceiling.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow the woman who has shaped my childhood, soothed my hurts and sung my innermost emotions is doing a songwriting workshop. When the director told me, I burst into tears. “This is a joke. You’re playing a really cruel prank on me, right?” “No, she’s coming to camp next Wednesday. I’m surprised anyone knows who she is…” “Can I go call my mom?” “Pippin, are you crying?” “I’m going to go call my mommy now”.


2 Responses to “092. nature plays.”

  1. 1 raalla

    who is this person?

  2. 2 raalla

    *by which I mean, will I be super upset that I missed her?
    and also, if I don’t know who she is, you should tell me about her.

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