095. mm, what’d you say?


Show is over. went well. Batiks have been started. Playing around in weaving. Sweat is pooling everywhere unpleasant, or at least, it would be if I didn’t have a skirt and a loose-low top. Now, it’s just that place under my knee-joint.

Am missing home so, so much. I miss talking. Weird trips. Parties at my house. Chilling at my house. Soulful and Torn Page, Chinese and 171.

Most of all, I’m missing you. I’m so glad I saw you, and at once sad. I had almost forgotten what I’m missing, dulled the memories down to the occasional sigh, the occasional time I need to stay isolated in dreams. Now I have to bury myself in stories and helping campers, projects and people, just so I don’t spend all my time wondering why you aren’t here.

And you! You of the amazing conversations and amazing sketchbook. Why is there NO ONE here who can speak half as well as you, have stange phone conversations about everything-nothing. Write me a story, love. Read it to torn page and find a hollywood star that had a happy ending. Be passionate, but find happiness in the tragedy. Or the motivational-pip (or Abe Lincoln) will bash you with something heavy.

The people here are incredible, yesh. So are the shops and the rain, while we dance and get soaked, crying at Dance shows. But it isn’t as much a dream as the thought of home is. I will enjoy my time here. I will use it wisely. I will go eat spaghetti (or at least, I hope its pasta)

But as scatterbrained, ADD I am, I have far from forgotten all of you.


2 Responses to “095. mm, what’d you say?”

  1. 1 vividaudio

    Maybe its not the summer that makes me depressed. Maybe its the lack of you. I’ve been hit with the kind of depression I get every summer, because I have no purpose now and I’m not stressed like during the school year. I feel horrible, and I spend all the time I can with friends to stop myself from thinking so much. I’m hoping that when school starts again the depression will be pushed out of my mind.

    Trev, Kassandra, Amelia, and I all had a mini-movie day at your house, and while it was fun, your absence was extremely noticeable. I miss you so much! I am anxiously awaiting your return…

    But your father was extremely gracious and bought me chocolate chip pancakes, which was freakin’ awesome. He bought us all breakfast, because he is just a spectacular human being. We watched Practical Magic, the Waterboy, an episode of Family Guy, and half of Jurassic Park.

    It was cool, and it would have been AWESOME had you been there.

    But you’re making batiks at your communist art camp. ;)

  2. 2 Leah

    Love you.

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