096. reclaiming scent.


When I returned home, my room was a foreign entity. Of all the horrors I could imagine, this was one buried in the deepest pits. My room, my sanctuary, my palace and homestead was… defiled. In ways polite company does not speak of. It was cleaned. By someone who does not know me, and knows not what I value. Many treasure have been lost. The thing that bothered me most, though, was the scent of the place. Disinfectant and stranger cleaning agents used, residue left.

Solution was to buy seven types of incense and systematically sample them. Including what I’m burning now, called “cannabis”. Smells really gooood. Am now hungry. (I kid, I kid. The name is, in fact, “cannabis”, but it has no psychoactive properties. It just smells really nice)

In other news, I am home. The cleaning of the room is as terrible as things get. I miss the people of BR, but am incredibly happy to be home. I visited some friends today, grabbing a gloriously greasy calzone at Anellio’s. It was brief, fun, mildly awkward, and left me reeling in the way of things I missed. Haircuts, glasses, facial hair… change.

Yesterday, I attended firefly-boy’s (as a friend referred to him) graduation party. It was amazing seeing him, no matter the rather distant way it went. His family is not one to be intimate in front of. Still, it was a blast. His sister kicks pretty much everyone’s ass. Balloons amuse everyone. A pack of cards needs to be present at any and all parties.

Leaving camp was easy/hard. Easy, because Jesus Christ Superstar lasted a year and a week. We wanted to get out, and booked it once the applause was over. Hard, because I forgot to say goodbye to so many. Although, points for JCS – the high priest’s costume was EPIC SQUARED.

I really have nothing to say. Never do.


2 Responses to “096. reclaiming scent.”

  1. 1 vividaudio

    You must remember that even though its your sanctuary, its your father’s house, and your room was an abomination. Every kid in America has to really clean their room at some point, instead of just lightly going over it. You never did, so someone did it for you. Be it defiled or not, there were many things you could have done to prevent such horrors from occuring in the first place.

  2. 2 pip

    eh, true. Doesn’t mean I won’t be over-the-top dramatic about it.

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