097. alas, poor fluffy II, we knew ye well.


I have had a grand total of three cell phones. The first was a little samsung-verizon freee guy. I named him Lord Fluffy and loved him much. Russians killed him. Or, the “vart conn norma mode downloading” did. Complete with a blue screen of doom.

My second cell phone was the “you’ve had service with us forever, upgrade!” phone. It was shiny and even took pictures! (I never used the thing, but the thought that I could take crappy photos was nice.) It was run over in firefly boy’s driveway. It still worked! …sorta. kinda. not really.

Cell phone three was REALLY cell phone one’s twin. My sister’s old cell phone, to be precise. I loved it. It was simple, neat, and it worked. I knew it intimately.

Its death was short, but fortold. A little hinge fell off. I put it back on, and made a mental note to keep an eye on it. It fell off again, into the abyss. This was mere days ago. The screen-part would flop off , held by a little computer-ish piece of tape to the body. A moment ago, when scrambling to answer its siren vibrate, it was knocked off my dresser by the vibes. Onto the wooden floor, little bronze-y tape ripped to shreds. It still vibrates. It just doesn’t let me look at the screen or call.

My first thought was pathetic. “Now I don’t have my inbox anymore…” Messages saved for months, funny moments and all my numbers, gone. I felt the bizarre urge, in a tiny part of my soul, to shed a tear for my faithful little Fluffy the second.

I still need to find Kat’s cell number, to apologize for not answering.
Rest in electronic peace, Fluffy II. I loved yew.


3 Responses to “097. alas, poor fluffy II, we knew ye well.”

  1. I’m so sorry! I was operating it under the impression that it was a fully functional, happy, intact phone, and I didn’t know you had a loose spring in it. Had I known I would have been so much more careful. I feel horrible…I’m sorry I’m such an idiot!

  2. 2 Pip

    Doll, it’s no big deal. I did NOT tell you, ergo, not anywhere near your fault!

    I just was cursing myself for leaving it on my high-high dresser, with the long-long drop.

  3. 3 Katling

    Ah man….phone death is no fun *hugs*

    Here’s my phone number for you: (#hidden#) (see all spam bots? I fool you! *runs about like a loon*)

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