099. laughing gas is hysterical.


All the sensation is sharp and fuzzy, heavy and light, coherent and crazy. It made the dentist visit hilarious. I don’t think I’ll seek out the sensation recreationally (I was ill afterwards, and possibly brain-damaged) but damned if I do another painful procedure without it.

The best part is trying to remember everything – it’s there if I reach, but in the same distant way of a dream you committed to memory at some point.

I fell asleep at some point. Carried on quite a few conversations without sounding crazy. Starting singing along to Norah Jones at some point, and the sound was hideous within a numbed mouth.

At some point, I was caught in deja vu and had to break it by assuring myself that “people were doing the drilling, not colors” This was pretty early into the procedure, and also the point where a tiny part of my conscienceness broke away, and proceeded to point out that I was high. Its voice was smug, and enjoyed laughing at the most inane thoughts I had.

All in all, a pleasant-painful day


One Response to “099. laughing gas is hysterical.”

  1. Heyz, did you do laughing gas AND Novocaine?

    And why were you at the dentist? What were you getting done?

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