1o6. random updata.


Things I forgotten to mention that have happened fairly recently:

While taking the SATs Saturday, two wayward drummers happened by, parading outside the exam windows. The examiner, already a stressed-out lady, looked as though the antichrist had come and personally shit on her doorstep.  She gestured, and a proctor went flying out the door to stop the terrible, terrible two-man marching band.

I nearly died, trying to keep my laughter silent and finish the math section.

A bit before that (a week or so), we were all scheduled to drive two hours, and horrah! College fair. Oh, boy. Joy. Rapture. I tried to figure out how to keep the stress of the drive and the future off of my parents, certain that they’d be irate before the end, and have to politely hide it. Things like this never go well, mostly because I’d rather they not be there when I’m talking to reps. Pamphlets, research, I love help. Going to the campus, hearing my parent’s input, wonderful! But, when talking to reps, I don’t like them being near. Lame, but true.

I call my mom. Tech ended early, pick me up? She arrives fairly quickly. There are some directions on the shotgun seat. I move them out of the way without much thought, more papers in a mildly cluttered car.

Mom: By the way, would you mind if we skipped the college fair?
Pip: No, not at all! *grin*
Pip: But, why the change of heart?
Mom: Oh, we’ll go somewhere else.
Pip: Okay, where?
Mom: Geneva.
Mom: Wanna read the directions for me? We’ll leave around six, but can’t hurt to prepare.
Pip: *starts flipping pages*
Pip: Mom, these directions kinda suck. They have no turn-in point and- *flips to the last page*
Pip: OH MY GOD. No. No way. You have to be kidding me. Are you SERIOUS?
Last Page: Tonight, live in Geneva! The Indigo Girls have been…

My mom, smugly, informed me she was expecting a best Momma Ever award anytime now. I wiped my eyes and agreed whole-heartedly. So, my mother and I went to an Indigo Girls concert, singing along and honestly having an amazing time.


One Response to “1o6. random updata.”

  1. 1 caryatid child

    major jealousy!
    but. I went to Tegan and Sara the other night, so I guess we are equal on the “hearing gay-folksy-awesome music live” scale.

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