1o9. Yes, you envy my pens. Admit it.


Listening to a mega-mix of win. (Megamix Live: Sensation White 2008 July Amsterdam)

After a particularly bad week, I starting taking solace in weird things. I kept going to various pen websites. Fountain pens. Japanese pens. Mostly, the gel pens of my childhood, gelly roll pens that always made me smile. Then, in a rather rash move, I deliciously decided to indulge my irrational infatuation of pretty pens. I spent around a month’s worth of salary on something that was non-essantial, non-productive, and the best perchace I’ve made in a while.

Regular gel pens. Metallics. 3-D ink! Moonlights. Aquas. Sparklies. Brush pens. Mini-fountain pens.

So far? In heaven.

Now, back to analyzing Hamlet, the Lost Entrance Theory, and (possibly) working on the common app.


2 Responses to “1o9. Yes, you envy my pens. Admit it.”

  1. 1 inmate1972

    ooooooo, pens…..drooooool….

    I just recevied a new pilot with a retractible point…much in love are we….

    …that just sounded really dirty, didn’t it? hmmm…

    …I was really only talking about my pen…

  2. Pen love is the purest love. Ever. Freudian slips notwithstanding…

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