11o. summer moved on.


The air became something toothed and hungry overnight, biting and gnawing through all but the most layered of clothes. I can’t remember why I loved the cold so much. I used to. Leaving the window open, temperature zipping towards -5. Snuggled in layers of blankets and waking up with my room somewhere in the realm of 40 degrees, and acutely disappointed that it wasn’t colder. Alas, with age! I started high school and started needing the heat.

Life is okay. Massa and Kuhl need to stop being tards. I need to stop mocking Massa’s name. Biden has “cute crinkly eyes”, says my friend. I pray that those who can vote make a choice based on views, competence, and not stupidity. Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster! Smite the willfully ignorant, the stupid, and especially the willfully ignorant stupid voters.

(if only it were that easy.)


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